BIORIS – Perfectly organised

The radiology information system

How about a little more? BIORIS automates the radiology workflow across the board: processes and sub-processes, from scheduling appointments to transferring results to patients, are mapped. Reports and analyses are automatically generated for all services rendered. Particularly practical: a modern calendar management web interface updates any changes made by other users – e.g. when an appointment is removed – in real time! As a result, resources are able to be used efficiently and patients are spared unnecessary waiting times.
A further highlight is a high-performance speech recognition module – results are able to be compiled conveniently by voice command.

No matter the location or system

The latest web technology generates location-independent and system-independent access. A flexible user concept even makes it possible for patients to be able to have access via the system to current and past radiological results.

This represents not only an exclusive service for patients, but also leads to a considerable increase in efficiency and lowering of costs: data carriers such as CDs or DVDs do not need to be created and results do not need to be sent to patients by post. Patients are simply informed automatically by e-mail that their results are ready to be accessed. In this way, patients and doctors have access at all times to complete case courses. By the way: can also be accessed with ease on mobile devices.

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