LF Consult GmbH

Based in Stuttgart, LF Consult GmbH is a IT consulting firm with an excellent positioning in the market,it is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

The company considers itself as a comprehensive provider of solutions for production planning and control in manufacturing companies.

The production system " PIT-Produzieren im Takt " developed by LF Consult in conjunction with theFraunhofer IPA, as well as their own standard software solution "3Liter-PPS ", help customers to establish a clear leadership position in competition.

4iT Software is long-term development partner for the development of 3Liter-PPS.

The 3Liter-PPS®

Capacity planning that works! The PPS solution from 4iT represents a new generation in PPS software – a claim other competitors cannot make. For the first time, the planning tool – which was honored with the Fraunhofer IPA innovation prize – supports decentrally organized production control. The 3Liter-PPS rough planning approach makes capacity planning possible, and it is no longer necessary to chase after actual data.

Conceived as an add-on module for ERP systems already on the market, 3Liter-PPS is designed to communicate with third-party systems.

The software solution is based on the latest client-server technology and the platform-independent, object-oriented programming language Java.

3Liter-PPS helps you to get your delivery dates, processing time and inventory under control!

LF ConsultDas 3Liter-PPS

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The 3Liter-PPS®

4iT Software and LF Consult - Capacity planning that works!
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