BIOPACS – All inclusive

Efficient, flexible and scalable

An efficient, flexible and scalable PACS solution (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for radiology and nuclear medicine use hides behind these seven letters.

Based on the latest web technology, the system has been developed in close collaboration with experienced radiologists with the aim of doing justice to even the most challenging of needs and requirements of modern radiology centres and clinics.

PACS server and Image Viewer – the two central modules of BIOPACS

The heart: the PACS server

The central, scalable data archive provides an effective and uncomplicated means of managing radiology findings and image data. A communication and distribution hub transfers image data to other internal or external systems – including mobile devices. And: by being connected to OsiriX, image data is able to be diagnosed and analysed in native and lossless DICOM format.

The eye: the Image Viewer

Why make things complicated? Simple is better: our comfortable, user-friendly viewer displays image data in JPEG format and is equipped with various diagnostic tools such as contrast, zoom, dimensions and expansion. An HTML5 standard guarantees location-independent use on any stationary or mobile device.

The brain: the functionality of BIOPACS

Automatic functions help to reduce complexity. The same is also true for BIOPACS: Even while they are being taken, image data from an examination are transferred completely automatically by the respective modality to the PACS server, where they are categorised according to modality and assigned to the respective user for diagnostic purposes. After the results are generated in BIOPACS or another system linked to BIOPACS, the compiled results are allocated to the respective examination. Ergo: from this point on, the results are available in the system together with the image data. Using the Image Viewer, everything can be accessed with ease and made available to patients online or via data carriers.

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