Performance without compromise

For some, the journey may be the reward. We, on the other hand, never lose sight of our objective; i.e. to develop a high-performance system that supports imaging diagnostics. A system that, at the same time, records and manages test results. And coordinates test appointments.
Granted, developing this complex system is no easy task. And because even our most complex applications all feature optimum ease of use, we have brought experts from the field on board to help with the development phase: radiologists have provided valuable input, enabling us to ensure optimum ergonomics and user-friendliness.

Limitless flexibility

For us, flexibility of use is not just a buzzword, it is a reality. The system is modular and scalable. As a result, it is suitable for both radiology practices as well as radiology centres within hospitals of any size. It can also be integrated into existing hospital information systems. Of course, we have also implemented a modern, internet browser-based web interface for location-independent and platform-independent use.

Easy Turtle®

Easy Turtle® from 4iT is efficient and reliable software for process management.
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The 3Liter-PPS®

4iT Software and LF Consult - Capacity planning that works!
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Our modern logistics software allows you to optimize the logistics processes in your company.
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The medicine software

A high-performance system that supports imaging diagnostics, records and manages test result ...
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