Social media

Full contact. Digital-based communication channels and applications are at the heart of social media. Using social media, users come into direct contact with one another and jointly create and edit content.

Social media is becoming more and more important and popular for social interaction and collaboration. One-way communication was yesterday – dialogue via social media is replacing conventional monologue.

We want to exploit the full potential of this type of media.

We plan to initiate a page using Facebook that invites customers to come into dialogue with us and share their knowledge and valuable information. This network will be available to all who would like more information about software and logistics.

Easy Turtle®

Easy Turtle® from 4iT is efficient and reliable software for process management.
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The 3Liter-PPS®

4iT Software and LF Consult - Capacity planning that works!
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Our modern logistics software allows you to optimize the logistics processes in your company.
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The medicine software

A high-performance system that supports imaging diagnostics, records and manages test result ...
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